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For over 30 years, criminal defense lawyer ERNEST J. MULLINS has defended the rights of residents of Kissimmee, Osceola county, and all surrounding counties. If you or someone you love has been arrested, call Ernie right away and get AGGRESSIVE REPRESENTATION on your side!

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Call criminal defense attorney Ernest J. Mullins to start building an aggressive defense if you are facing criminal charges in Kissimmee or anywhere in Osceola and surrounding counties.


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DUI & Traffic Offenses

Facing DUI charges in Florida is a serious matter. Prosecutors will be very aggressive and often unrelenting. Call the Law Office of Ernest J. Mullins right away if you’ve been charged with DUI, driving while your license is suspended or revoked, racing on the highway, or leaving the scene of an accident.

Weapons Charges

Florida laws regulate the possession and ownership of firearms. If you are charged with unlawful possession, use, or display of a weapon, owning prohibited firearms, carrying a concealed firearm without the proper license, or unlawful discharge of a deadly weapon, contact Ernest J. Mullins to defend your rights.

Drug Crimes

A drug charge may include a variety of drug-related crimes, from simple possession of a controlled substance to manufacturing and distribution. Regardless of the type of drug-related charge you may face, it is extremely important that you call Ernest J. Mullins immediately to ensure your legal rights are protected and aggressively defended.

Probation Violations

When you are on probation, your credibility may already be an issue in the defense of an allegation of a probation violation. Attorney Ernest J. Mullins may speak on your behalf in a probation hearing, providing a voice of experience and reason in an effort to prove your innocence or that special circumstances exist to warrant your probation should not be revoked.

Assault & Battery

When law enforcement investigates allegations of assault and/or battery, many times eyewitnesses may not have observed the entire event in question, reporting only who they perceived as the aggressor. When facing assault or battery charges, hiring Ernest J. Mullins may provide the best opportunity to achieve a fair and reasonable resolution.

Domestic Violence

In the state of Florida, domestic violence does not have to be “violent” or involve physical injuries visible upon a family member. Charges of domestic violence are aggressively prosecuted in Florida. Ernest J. Mullins possesses the experience and knowledge to mount a vigorous defense, should you find yourself facing charges.

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A Career in the Defense of Justice

Ernest J. Mullins, Esq.

Ernest J. Mullins began his career in law as a Clerk in the City of Akron, Ohio Prosecutor’s Office. After earning a JD from the University of Akron School of Law, Ernie’s first job as an attorney was as a Huron County Assistant Public Defender.

He moved to Osceola County in 1986 and worked as an Assistant Public Defender. “Ernie the Attorney” went into private practice in Kissimmee in 1989 and has been practicing criminal law ever since.

 Former president of the Osceola County Bar Association.

 Appointed by Governor Bush to serve on the Judicial Nominating Commission for the Ninth Judicial Circuit from 2004–2008.

We have been proud to serve this community for over three decades. We don’t advertise extensively and we have no catchy jingles or catch phrases. What we have is dedication to your cause if we undertake your representation. We hope that we can earn your trust and forge a lasting relationship with you.  —Ernest J. Mullins, Esq.

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Ernest J. Mullins is a Florida Licensed Attorney. Practice concentrated in Criminal Defense.

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